Who Used the Wrong Flour!!


On Wednesday, November twenty-third
Team VR went out to bake
This took place at the Cookery School
In Little Portland Place.


We were divided into teams six times four
Randomly picked – big mistake
Because unfortunately some of the other teams
Had never ever baked a cake!!

2016-11-23-10-48-45We watched the chefs very intently
As they did demonstrate
Then off we went into our teams
To try and replicate.

The red team was full of bakers
They were the most competitive too
The blue team – that was my team
At times didn’t have a clue!

The black team they were at the back
They made a very big error
Like missing out ingredients
And using the wrong flour!

The green were just out there for fun
The members said it all
Robina, Keya, Madee & Sam
Julie & Ollie took the fall!

Cakes in the oven the biscuits baked
Two challenges were done.
Now onto the final tricky one
Whatever you call it.. scone or scone!!

2016-11-23-11-38-02The mix was tricky trying to make it stick
Cutting into pieces very hard
But the smells coming from the ovens
Was going to be our just reward!

4330A8C9-98EC-44F4-83C3-E5135F88548B.JPGWe sampled our wares and raised a glass,
Because they tasted really good.
It’s not every day that you get a chance
To make professional tasty food.

We recommend this team activity.  Do it again?  Yes, we would!

Congratulations to the RED TEAM…great performance!!


Update from the Newbie “no more”!


The end of week five is drawing to a close and it’s hard to believe I’ve not been here longer! What’s happened since my last update? Well, where do I start? First of all, I am no longer the newbie! As of this week I passed on the reigns and the ‘title’. How is that possible? I must admit that I don’t think I ever fully owned that title. From the very start, everyone has made me feel so welcome and part of the team that it’s hard to remember a time I haven’t been here! Although my teddies haven’t made it in yet, I now have my poncho, fingerless gloves and a selection of fruit teas into my desk, so I am winter-office ready! I’ve also gone out with some of the girls after work and I’m making friends (see, I told you I wasn’t anti-social!). We went to a networking event, where I won a two-night stay in a Vienna House hotel in Berlin! How lucky is that?!

Next? I’ve been onsite twice now! Pure coincidence that both events were at the same hotel. I am now on a first-name basis with a lot of the staff there and if I go there again before Christmas I may suggest they give me a more permanent desk… Just kidding, but what are the chances?! 

I had a great time onsite! The client was lovely and a pleasure to work with – promise I haven’t been told to say that… I also got to bond a bit more with the production guys and see more of what they do.

What else? Rumours are going round about the Christmas party and I’m dying from anticipation to find out what is going on! It’s supposed to be announced any minute now! As everyone will soon find out- I am a little bit holiday crazy. I try to reign it in to just December, but it is hard to contain myself when I get this excited. I have the rest of this month to make sure all my Christmas stuff is ready. There are the Christmas jumpers for the month (I don’t limit myself to only one day), my snowman scarf and necklace, reindeer antlers and Santa hat that will all make an appearance… Also with pay day around the corner, I’m thinking of adding a few Christmas dresses to the mix. Whoever gets me as their Secret Santa will have an easy job, to say the least. Wait. We do that here right?? If not, I’d like to put forward a suggestion…


Newbie’s Tales

pool-tableAs week three draws to a close it’s hard to believe I was ever anywhere else! I feel like a proper member of the team. I’m remembering people’s names and I’ve now met everyone (I think). Answering my phone seems like second nature and three laptops later , IT issues seem to be a thing of the past (touch wood)! All I need to do now is figure out the knack for opening the front door- the twist, wiggle and push. I’m sure I’ll get it and that I’m over complicating it!

I’m working on countless projects and am already starting to chase for things. I’ve had further training and I’ve even been enlisted to help run a training session in the next few weeks! I’m onsite for the first time next week with VR. Who knew that was going to come round so quick?! I thought someone had said it won’t be until March? Not to worry, I’m excited to get to know the team better and at least my proper ‘first time’ won’t be as bad, as I’ll have had some experience. Now all I need to do is spend my weekend digging out my ‘smart clothes’ and sensible shoes… Where did I leave those?

Today I joined our Production Department at the pub for a round of pool, where I got the very apt nickname ‘Stretch’. Pool tables were not made for people my height, at 5’3 I feel lucky I didn’t have to mount the table! Joking aside, I feel like I slightly cheated the team. They warned me the place we were going wasn’t the classiest of locales, with the terms ‘grotty’ and ‘old man pub’ being thrown around. Turns out it wasn’t awful, and we had a great time. The place even had a functioning jukebox! I, on the other hand, had not fully explained to them how bad I am at playing pool. warning

I’m not just your usual bad, I am the kind of awful that you never let near a pool cue ever again! I broke every rule in the game of pool, apart from hitting the black ball- that’s a sacred rule, right? You’re probably thinking, ‘she’s not that bad’ or ‘it could have been worse’… Trust me, I broke rules I wasn’t even aware of.

Quick tips I’ve learned-

  • aim for your own colour (something I struggled with greatly),
  • do not dunk the white (broke that rule twice…),
  • it’s a penalty to not hit a ball (how’s that fair?!),
  • and make sure you hit the white ball first (seems like an obvious one right?).

By the end of it, I was just pleased that I managed to keep the balls on the table! Thankfully everyone was really nice about it and gave me tips on how to improve! The first time I played with Sam we actually won, although that probably says more about how well he plays than anything else! I promise next time, if there ever is a next time, I’ll do better!


Walk In Their Shoes


It is clear that some of us are in a certain place at a certain time for a preordained purpose but we don’t realise it until after the event….

Recently I travelled by tube to attend an evening event with a colleague.  When we arrive at Bond Street station a complete stranger foist’s a man’s arm into my colleague’s and asks her to “direct this man and his dog to Selfridges – I need to catch my train! ”.

Tom introduces himself, then adjusts his position and asks Jan to proffer her arm to assist him. With that first hurdle safely over, together with guide dog, we navigate the rush hour crowds and escalators.   Jan was merrily having a full blown conversation with Tom, who was ever so witty and jovial, whilst the beautiful placid white Labrador exercised patience unknown to humans (or maybe only the biblical Job).

You do not realise how accomplished, talented and awesome people like Tom are until you have to go into their world and do what we sighted people take for granted….when you think of the endless traps there are i.e. escalators, cones, steps, roads, traffic lights….I could keep on going.  It’s not until you walk in their shoes that you realise having all your senses is truly a gift.

selfridges1When we successfully cross Tom over to the Selfridges side of the road he lets us know that he can find his way from there. Lo and behold, at the traffic lights we see  a blind lady and her dog waiting patiently to cross…..or so it seemed!!  With Tom safely on his way, Jan thought to do her second good deed of the evening and also help this lady cross the road to which she replied, “I don’t wish to cross the road I am waiting here for my husband….!”

The penny dropped…could she have been waiting for Tom? We explain that we just crossed a man named Tom with his dog so she blew her whistle !Tom’s dog slowed down and turned around in response… I could see them heading towards the goal of Selfridges and there was only one thing for it….. Off I trundle, at a pace (I have not travelled at these speeds for over 30 years) and catch up with the quick stepping Tom.

I quickly tell him that there was a lady with a dog at the traffic lights next to The Body Shop and he promptly states…”Oh! that will be my wife!”

I start to berate him for telling us Selfridges instead of Body Shop to which he promptly states “Everyone knows Selfridges so I can get my bearings from there.” Awesome perspective and can do attitude.  All of the attributes needed for an Event Manager!!

Just as we wish them well and tell them to enjoy their night ..after all we have navigated part of Oxford Street during rush hour, escalators, traffic lights and then some…we find that they are going in exactly the same direction as we are. We continue our journey together with lots of light banter and interesting conversation. We are now firm friends and a bond has been established!!

Our last deed of the night (well Jan’s actually) is to get them across Wigmore Street where they have boarded up the pavement to undertake repairs to a building.img6529  Tom’s wife, who is partially sighted, starts to navigate the road but we are not having any of it. I finally get to do a good deed and step into the road in front of the oncoming traffic with my hand held out firmly indicating drivers to stop. No heartless driver could see two ladies assisting a couple with a pair of guide dogs and not stop…could they? We deliver them safely outside of  ASK, ask-pizza_280_721758awhich is their monthly treat to themselves and Tom quips…”Thank you International Rescue, can you pick us up at 8!”
Chortle, chortle, chortle!!

As we are in the business of Event Management…this one encounter encompassed our entire offering. Logistics, Audio Visual, Production & Account Management….it’s what we do!!

Marcia & Jan

Newbie’s First Week

img_4748Right, my first week at Visual Response (VR as I have come to know it) is over.

Day 1 was riddled with the usual IT issues that haunt all newcomers over the world, although I have heard that I got off lightly! I am now up and running and my laptop is working great. <Quick, touch wood!> I have now met half of the office, I’m not anti-social or anything, the other half are all busy onsite at numerous events. I’ve reached a number of milestones already, I have completed my induction and compliance training, started working on my first few events, and most importantly attended my first Friday pub lunch!

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Planning Your Wedding – when you’re an Event Planner!


“This should be easy. You’ll probably enjoy it,” they told me in that first champagne-fuelled, deliriously happy month of my engagement. This would be a breeze…

Planning a wedding encompasses a completely different approach to an event, especially when it’s your own. You’re suddenly battling between the engrained urge to please all delegates (sorry, I mean guests!) and meeting the needs of your fiancé and yourself, which for an event planner does not come naturally.

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There are some stories, some movies that have emotional impact. It’s partly the purpose of storytelling, whether that’s the release to an expectant audience of a new drug or the tale of a journey to the centre of the earth or the search for Grail of some sort. The satisfying outcome is what we crave whether as children or adults. The happy ending by and large suits us all.

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