Newbie’s First Week

img_4748Right, my first week at Visual Response (VR as I have come to know it) is over.

Day 1 was riddled with the usual IT issues that haunt all newcomers over the world, although I have heard that I got off lightly! I am now up and running and my laptop is working great. <Quick, touch wood!> I have now met half of the office, I’m not anti-social or anything, the other half are all busy onsite at numerous events. I’ve reached a number of milestones already, I have completed my induction and compliance training, started working on my first few events, and most importantly attended my first Friday pub lunch!

My first impressions? Everyone is super nice, friendly and helpful (at least those I’ve met so far). The office feels more like a home, with the different layout and atmosphere. I am assuming that’ll change once I’ve properly started working! Also, the office I am in has pink walls- I absolutely love that, although it is a little chilly in here, so I may need to bring in a poncho to keep warm and cosy!

How am I finding it? It’s going well, I am still trying to figure out what time to leave the house in the morning so I’m not 20 minutes early or making a mad dash from London Bridge station to make it in on time. Something I am sure I will eventually figure out!

I’m starting to get more and more emails and I’m joining TCs (‘conference calls’ for the non-native VR folk). I’m slowly making my little area my own, with random papers strewn about, a spare pair of shoes under my desk and my antibacterial gel on my desk. Is it too early to introduce Hannah (my desk buddy) to the collection of promotional teddies I have? I might leave that for another day…

They’ve given me the keys now, so all I can say is that they’re not going to get rid of me easily! Hopefully, I’ll be able to update you all on my journey as a newbie as I progress and provide guidance to the next generation of newbies that follow.

I have now been assigned my first event that I will be going onsite for in March (my moment to ‘shine’), so I am sure you’ll be hearing lots more about my journey and when the time comes, braving the basement! Dum,dum, dum!!



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