Update from the Newbie “no more”!


The end of week five is drawing to a close and it’s hard to believe I’ve not been here longer! What’s happened since my last update? Well, where do I start? First of all, I am no longer the newbie! As of this week I passed on the reigns and the ‘title’. How is that possible? I must admit that I don’t think I ever fully owned that title. From the very start, everyone has made me feel so welcome and part of the team that it’s hard to remember a time I haven’t been here! Although my teddies haven’t made it in yet, I now have my poncho, fingerless gloves and a selection of fruit teas into my desk, so I am winter-office ready! I’ve also gone out with some of the girls after work and I’m making friends (see, I told you I wasn’t anti-social!). We went to a networking event, where I won a two-night stay in a Vienna House hotel in Berlin! How lucky is that?!

Next? I’ve been onsite twice now! Pure coincidence that both events were at the same hotel. I am now on a first-name basis with a lot of the staff there and if I go there again before Christmas I may suggest they give me a more permanent desk… Just kidding, but what are the chances?! 

I had a great time onsite! The client was lovely and a pleasure to work with – promise I haven’t been told to say that… I also got to bond a bit more with the production guys and see more of what they do.

What else? Rumours are going round about the Christmas party and I’m dying from anticipation to find out what is going on! It’s supposed to be announced any minute now! As everyone will soon find out- I am a little bit holiday crazy. I try to reign it in to just December, but it is hard to contain myself when I get this excited. I have the rest of this month to make sure all my Christmas stuff is ready. There are the Christmas jumpers for the month (I don’t limit myself to only one day), my snowman scarf and necklace, reindeer antlers and Santa hat that will all make an appearance… Also with pay day around the corner, I’m thinking of adding a few Christmas dresses to the mix. Whoever gets me as their Secret Santa will have an easy job, to say the least. Wait. We do that here right?? If not, I’d like to put forward a suggestion…



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