Who Used the Wrong Flour!!


On Wednesday, November twenty-third
Team VR went out to bake
This took place at the Cookery School
In Little Portland Place.


We were divided into teams six times four
Randomly picked – big mistake
Because unfortunately some of the other teams
Had never ever baked a cake!!

2016-11-23-10-48-45We watched the chefs very intently
As they did demonstrate
Then off we went into our teams
To try and replicate.

The red team was full of bakers
They were the most competitive too
The blue team – that was my team
At times didn’t have a clue!

The black team they were at the back
They made a very big error
Like missing out ingredients
And using the wrong flour!

The green were just out there for fun
The members said it all
Robina, Keya, Madee & Sam
Julie & Ollie took the fall!

Cakes in the oven the biscuits baked
Two challenges were done.
Now onto the final tricky one
Whatever you call it.. scone or scone!!

2016-11-23-11-38-02The mix was tricky trying to make it stick
Cutting into pieces very hard
But the smells coming from the ovens
Was going to be our just reward!

4330A8C9-98EC-44F4-83C3-E5135F88548B.JPGWe sampled our wares and raised a glass,
Because they tasted really good.
It’s not every day that you get a chance
To make professional tasty food.

We recommend this team activity.  Do it again?  Yes, we would!

Congratulations to the RED TEAM…great performance!!



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