Newbie’s Tales

pool-tableAs week three draws to a close it’s hard to believe I was ever anywhere else! I feel like a proper member of the team. I’m remembering people’s names and I’ve now met everyone (I think). Answering my phone seems like second nature and three laptops later , IT issues seem to be a thing of the past (touch wood)! All I need to do now is figure out the knack for opening the front door- the twist, wiggle and push. I’m sure I’ll get it and that I’m over complicating it!

I’m working on countless projects and am already starting to chase for things. I’ve had further training and I’ve even been enlisted to help run a training session in the next few weeks! I’m onsite for the first time next week with VR. Who knew that was going to come round so quick?! I thought someone had said it won’t be until March? Not to worry, I’m excited to get to know the team better and at least my proper ‘first time’ won’t be as bad, as I’ll have had some experience. Now all I need to do is spend my weekend digging out my ‘smart clothes’ and sensible shoes… Where did I leave those?

Today I joined our Production Department at the pub for a round of pool, where I got the very apt nickname ‘Stretch’. Pool tables were not made for people my height, at 5’3 I feel lucky I didn’t have to mount the table! Joking aside, I feel like I slightly cheated the team. They warned me the place we were going wasn’t the classiest of locales, with the terms ‘grotty’ and ‘old man pub’ being thrown around. Turns out it wasn’t awful, and we had a great time. The place even had a functioning jukebox! I, on the other hand, had not fully explained to them how bad I am at playing pool. warning

I’m not just your usual bad, I am the kind of awful that you never let near a pool cue ever again! I broke every rule in the game of pool, apart from hitting the black ball- that’s a sacred rule, right? You’re probably thinking, ‘she’s not that bad’ or ‘it could have been worse’… Trust me, I broke rules I wasn’t even aware of.

Quick tips I’ve learned-

  • aim for your own colour (something I struggled with greatly),
  • do not dunk the white (broke that rule twice…),
  • it’s a penalty to not hit a ball (how’s that fair?!),
  • and make sure you hit the white ball first (seems like an obvious one right?).

By the end of it, I was just pleased that I managed to keep the balls on the table! Thankfully everyone was really nice about it and gave me tips on how to improve! The first time I played with Sam we actually won, although that probably says more about how well he plays than anything else! I promise next time, if there ever is a next time, I’ll do better!