Planning Your Wedding – when you’re an Event Planner!


“This should be easy. You’ll probably enjoy it,” they told me in that first champagne-fuelled, deliriously happy month of my engagement. This would be a breeze…

Planning a wedding encompasses a completely different approach to an event, especially when it’s your own. You’re suddenly battling between the engrained urge to please all delegates (sorry, I mean guests!) and meeting the needs of your fiancé and yourself, which for an event planner does not come naturally.

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There are some stories, some movies that have emotional impact. It’s partly the purpose of storytelling, whether that’s the release to an expectant audience of a new drug or the tale of a journey to the centre of the earth or the search for Grail of some sort. The satisfying outcome is what we crave whether as children or adults. The happy ending by and large suits us all.

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If The Work Is Good


A full service events agency is only one of those if clients agree that it is. One of the essences of a full service events agency is that it genuinely offers the services that it says it offers. Obvious? Maybe, but the delivery of promise in some cases is definitely not always met. It’s easy to float a proposition, harder to put it into real practice.

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